Renderforest Review

 Today I am going to do a review on Renderforest, a cloud-based application for creating a wide variety of video animations that you can use for your presentations on your online and offline businesses.

I have actually been using a similar cloud-based platform called  Hot explosion intro, but the good thing is they really complement each other as they both provide unique templates that can be used in any video creation.

                                        About Renderforest
To give you a brief background about Renderforest, it is a company founded in 2014 at Yerevan, Armenia, and thru their template-based online video editing platform, they provide users the ability to create video animations, intro videos, explainer videos, as well as product or service promotional videos that can be used on any types of businesses.

From the time of Renderforest’s establishment in 2014, their user base has already grown to over 2 million as of this writing, and it does not stop there as their number is still growing with 5000 new signups being added on a daily basis.

                                        Why Use Videos
I really don’t know if I have stressed it enough already, but videos are the marketing of the future. Even as of today, you will notice that most of the content on your Facebook newsfeeds are viral videos being shared by your friends, and you will also notice that a lot of product ads that you can see on Facebook or other social media platforms are in the form of a video.

There really is no coincidence here because videos can relay any messages a thousand times better than a still image or a plain text.
And if you’re still not using videos as part of your marketing strategy, you should really think again because you are really leaving a lot of money on the table.
If you don’t believe me, below are some interesting facts about videos that you need to know:

* Videos account for 57% of all consumer internet traffic
* 1/11
Videos on your landing page can increase conversion by as much as 80%
 *8 out of 10 consumers who watched product videos are more likely to buy a     product
 *Explainer videos increase conversion rate by as much as 20%

What I Like About Renderforest

                          Easy to Use
This is definitely one of the key selling points of Renderforest. As you can see from my software walkthrough, it only takes a few clicks to create a nice looking video animation.

                                         Cloud Based
As we all know, video rendering is a resource intensive process and requires a high performance computer for faster rendering time. Since Renderforest is cloud-based, you dont need to worry about this and you don’t even need a high end PC.

All the rendering process is being outsourced on their server and you can even access it on any computer as long as you have an internet connection.

So This are a short article of Renderforest.If you want to make a (intro,explainer videos,animation videos,whiteboard animation etc.)video with Renderforest.
Go to and make a video.Or Watch My video.

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